Start Selling Wax Seals Professionally

Artisaire PRO was developed with creatives in mind. We provide the products, pricing, and education required to successfully offer wax seals with your services.


Get access to the full catalog of Artisaire Products to design and resell.


Receive exclusive pricing so you can profitably sell wax seals to your clients.


Get access to premium guides on how to design and sell wax seals to your clients.

excite your clients

Boost Your business

Increase what you earn per client by offering wax seals as an upsell, or bundle into your current designs.

Create something unique

Learn Design Skills

Learn all the design options available with wax seals, as well as how to create engrave ready artwork with our exclusive educational materials.

network with creatives

join a community

Get access to the exclusive Artisaire PRO facebook group, and network with other creatives, as well as get access to premium content.

Answering the Important questions

FAQ's About Our Program

Our PRO partners get access to the full Artisaire offering of wax seals, wax stamps, sealing waxes, and accessories. As well as, Selling Tools and extended product options (sizes, colors, etc).

Once accepted into Aritsaire PRO you will find your pricing when logged into  

You will also receive education on how to properly productize and price wax seal services.

All our products are designed to be used to embellish a finished good. As such, none of our products are retail ready.

For PRO Partners sending wax seals to their clients we have a blind shipping option. A Blind Shipped package is sent without any Artisaire branding.

PRO applications are approved on a merit basis, a successful candidate must provide a website which contains their own branded URL.

It is free to apply to Artisaire PRO, and once you are accepted into our program there is no monthly fee to maintain your membership.

As our program is designed for both small and large studios we have no order minimums, or monthly spend required to remain in Artisaire PRO.

ready to start selling professionally?

apply to artisaire PRO today, it is free to apply!