Grace Sealing Wax Spoon
Grace Sealing Wax Spoon
Grace Sealing Wax Spoon

Grace Sealing Wax Spoon

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Grace, our Signature Sealing Wax Spoon is designed for functionality as well as beauty. Featuring a larger bowl you can melt more sealing wax at a faster pace than a standard spoon. An intentional spout makes pouring sealing wax easy. The Grace Sealing Wax Spoon is finished with an additional handle loop to latch on to a standard trivet or large candle for melting.

For your safety, please take extra care when using the Grace Sealing Wax Spoon as touching the heated brass may cause burns.


  • Convenient spout improves pour control
  • Additional handle loop for trivet placement
  • Hammer pounded handle to create a beautiful texture
  • Large bowl allows for a quicker melt time
  • Hand-sewn handle cover protects fingers from heat
  • 2" Wide by 5.25" Long
  • Made from Premium Brass
  • Handmade in BC, Canada


Place two sealing wax beads into the spoon and hold 1-2" above an open candle flame, or rest on a glass candle/trivet. Always grab the spoon using the provided protective cover.

Avoid direct flame contact as it may damage your Grace Sealing Wax Spoon.


  • The Grace Sealing Wax Spoon is finished to a high polish and is uncoated. Over time it will develop a natural patina that will not affect usability. The patina can be removed with a non-abrasive jewelry cleaner that is safe for brass.
  • Using this Sealing Wax Spoon will cause soot to form at the bottom of this spoon, this soot can be cleaned with soap and water.
  • Left over wax can be let in the bowl and re-melted for further use. To remove wax, heat the spoon then wipe with balled up paper towels, taking care to not touch the exposed heated brass.

Made In Canada

Our products are made with care in our studio in Victoria, BC, Canada