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Happy New Year! This is the first Artisaire PRO Partner Spotlight in 2020 and we are so excited to welcome the wonderful Janeil from Seventh & Anderson to the Spotlight! Keep reading for the full interview…


“Oh, Hi there! My name is Janeil, which people usually mispronounce and misspell, but I’m rather used to it now. I grew up in Montana, raised on books and Jesus, a love of being active and in a family that encouraged my creativity.

I believe in miracles. Not cheap miracles, but one about a God who bestows a grace on you of such magnitude that it drops you to your knees and brings tears to your eyes, which is what finding out your pregnant feels like, after being told you’d never have children.

I have a Type A right-brain (they really exist) and a self-proclaimed font addiction. Seriously, I have over 4,000 fonts with a list that just keeps growing.

I am a runner and have raced and trained for distances ranging from 2 miles to full marathons (26.2 miles). I love a fabulous pair of heels, a fine wine, and most importantly, time spent with my family and friends.” 

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business!

“My love of crafting and paper started at a very young age; however, my formal education is as a licensed mental health therapist. I worked with severely abused and neglected children for 20 years prior to starting my stationery business. During that time, designing, learning typography, and other design concepts was my creative outlet and one of the ways I let go of stress. When our son was born, I was fortunate to have the choice of returning to work outside the home or becoming a stay at home mom. I chose to stay home, but quickly learned that I still needed an outlet. Thus, began my journey of researching how to start a business, how to run a business, building out my website, building a product line, and finally launching. I feel so fortunate that I get to do something I love and still be home for our son.” 

What is your "why" - Why do you do what you do?

“The short answer – our son, Ian. He is our miracle. When I was 30 years old, my husband and I were told I couldn’t have children (I’ll save you the details on how we got there). Primary infertility, a diagnosis that left our world shattered. Fast forward 7 years, when I am 37, and we find out we were pregnant with our son. He was born on 7/27 at 5:57 pm. He weighed 7 lbs. 11oz. and was perfect in every way. Notice a trend with the number 7? (That’s where the “Seventh” in my business name comes from 😊😊)

For me, the number “7” represents the miracle that is our son. I look at him and I see everything that is right in this world. He doesn’t even know that he encourages me to reach for my own dreams, because how will I ever teach him to climb to the stars if my skies are filled with clouds? Anderson, other than being my last name, is my family; as it was, as it is, and as it will be. It represents the dedication, love and commitment we had through a journey we never anticipated with an ending we never expected.”

Spilling The Tea

What do you find to be the hardest thing about running your own business and what are you doing to manage this?

Pacing myself. I know what I want my business to be, look like, and have in the next 3 years, 5 years, and 10 years. My challenge is having the patience to allow myself to get there in that time. I absolutely refuse to take out a business loan, which means things get added as my business can afford it. Benchmarks must be met, skills perfected, and research completed before each of these phases can occur. Patience is a virtue that I have struggled with my entire life. However, the simple fact that I want this business to succeed, and that I want to do it smartly, is what keeps me on track.”

Teach Us Something!

“Well, I’d planned to do a stationery trick, however, pneumonia took me down, so I decided to go a different route. I’m going to share a piece of advice that was given to me when I first started my business.

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people won’t do.”

I was visiting with a client who also happened to be a successful business man (he’s since retired), and sharing with him how I really struggle with the face-to-face marketing aspect of business (you know, the pounding the pavement kind of marketing), when he shared that little tidbit with me. Now, whenever I am struggling with some aspect of my business that takes me out of my comfort zone, I always remember that advice, and suddenly, things don’t seem quite so scary.”

Quick-Fire Round

  • Favorite Artisaire Sealing Wax color? Prosecco, Vintage Rose, Pearl Chocolate, Antique Copper, Buttercream. This list goes on and on.
  • Favorite stationery tip or trick? When hand tearing stationery, give yourself at least an extra 0.5” on each side so you can get a good grip on the paper (so a 5×7 would be cut to 6×8 and then torn down to a 5×7)
  • Favorite font? Antoinetta, Breathe Poetry, La Luxes Font Family, Amoret, Mrs. Eaves, Mr. Eaves, Mozart Script, Charlotte, Black and White and many, many more.

Thank You So Much, Janeil! 

That concludes Part One of the Partner Spotlight with Janeil from Seventh & Anderson! Thank you Janeil for sharing your story with us, we absolutely loved learning more about you and your journey into stationery! Be sure to follow Seventh & Anderson on Instagram here!


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