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This week, we are so excited to welcome Kaylyn, from Pirouette Paper Company, to the PRO Spotlight! Kaylyn shares so many goodies in her Spotlight, from the importance of investing in yourself (and an entire e-book full of advice for stationers), pricing wax seals, and…The Invitation Styling Guide! Keep reading…

PRO Profile:

Hi! I’m Kaylyn! I am a calligrapher, stationer, and brand designer based out of wine country! My husband and I moved to Napa, CA just about a year ago and have been so grateful to be here every day; it’s truly a dream!

I have always loved creating things for people; my high school teachers still send me pictures of cards I made them for holidays over 10 years ago! I studied public relations + advertising in college at Chapman University, but it wasn’t until a calligraphyclass one weekend that I discovered my true passion for calligraphy. I tagged along to a workshop that was just supposed to be a fun activity with a friend and two days later, after practicing non-stop, I called my mom and said: “this is what I want to do”. From there, the passion for calligraphy turned into stationery, turned into design and here we are!

three fun facts about you

  • I was a total comic book nerd in school and named my dogs after two DC superheroes: Nightwing and Green Arrow! My little pup, Grayson, sports his Nightwing collar and our Olive girl was named after Oliver Queen.
  • Anyone who knows me knows that I have an obsession with rainbow sprinkles! I can’t get enough of them!
  • During all four years of college, I worked at Disneyland creating magic with some characters! I hung up my princess crown when I started Pirouette Paper full time in 2016, but I left Disneyland with my prince charming! We got married a couple years after!

Spill the Tea

What has been your biggest struggle or challenge to date? And how did you overcome it?

My biggest struggle since starting Pirouette Paper was after suffering a head injury in May of 2018. Being so eager in the youth of my business, and not realizing how serious it was, I wanted to push through and keep working, not realizing the effect it would have on my brain and health. Once I was able to give myself more grace and realize that I wasn’t close to normal capacity, I hired Design by Laney as a business coach. She helped me re-shift my focus, creating new goals and a plan for me to get back on track, while still giving myself the time to rest and heal. I can’t stress enough how important it is to invest in the opportunities that arise and make sense for your business, not only financially but the time as well. Now, my business is stronger than ever!

If you could give one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

I have SO much advice for someone just starting out in this industry! I actually wrote an ebook on all of the advice I would give myself five years ago! 

The biggest piece of advice I have: Invest in yourself! I loved calligraphy and loved stationery, but had no idea how to put those two together. As embarrassing as it is to admit, my first wedding invitation suite was designed in Microsoft Word! Once I realized that was completely lost, I stumbled upon a “Pen to Press” workshop with Copper Willow Paper Studio and moved mountains to get there. I knew it was exactly what I needed, and it saved me from making tons of mistakes and probably years of trying to figure all of that out. It’s so important to find online courses, guides, workshops and so many other resources that are there to help you! It’s not only about investing the money, either, you want to invest enough time to set yourself up for success. There’s always more to learn!

How Do You PRO?

How do you sell your clients on wax seals?

The first to know about meeting with your clients is that there are SO MANY options when it comes to invitations. Not only the papers, but also the printing methods, sizes, pocket options, embellishments, and so much more! When meeting with your clients for their initial meeting, it’s most important to educate them on what those options are without being overwhelming.

Most of my meetings are held virtually, so I walk them through all options on the phone and then curate and send a sample pack. This allows them to touch and feel all of the options and get a better understanding of what the options are. My favorite thing is when they realize how many options there are for wax seals and get so excited using unique colors.

Using my Color Guide, I show them how much versatility is in the color options and how they can be used in a suite as a beautiful and cost effective embellishment. They are always so thrilled to see new colors each year and often come back for other custom seals in the future knowing these options.

How did you decide on pricing your wax seals?

I decided on my pricing for the wax seals based on the design and type of seal.

For full custom clients, a wax seal design is included in their initial design fee. They can choose to use this, or do a custom monogram if they please.

With my semi-custom collection, those do not all include a wax seal or custom monogram design and are added a-la-carte.

If my client is on a tighter budget, I will recommend the sticker seals to help save them on assembly costs. For me, this is great because I am saving assembly time and am able to price them lower than if they were hand-stamped. I, of course, always offer to them if they would like to add the wax stamp for future use and add that on, at cost, if they do.

The Invitation Styling Guide

If you are a stationer, one of the most valuable actions you can take when creating a suite for a client is creating a “photographer’s copy”. This copy is given to the couple (or planner/photographer directly) and includes all pieces of your suite, assembled and unassembled. This allows them to be able to have every single piece to style with and gives them more opportunity to create a beautiful flatlay of your work. Keep in mind that by providing this extra copy, you will need to add extras to your printing quantity to account for double-sided cards and wrapped items in the suite. The more you can prepare the wedding-day vendors for what they can expect with your work, the better chances you have of receiving hopefully great images of your pieces. 

If you are struggling with how to get great, representative images of your stationery, I just released my newest educational resource, the Invitation Styling Guide which has tips from myself, and three other industry experts about creating stunning flatlays, with or without a professional camera! It’s a great guide for all levels of experience that gives amazing insight into detailed styling and purposeful imagery of your work.

To learn more about the Invitation Styling Guide and to claim your exclusive PRO promo code, click here!

Thank You, Kaylyn!

Thank you so much Kaylyn, for sharing your story with us and providing us and the PRO community with so many amazing resources! Be sure to connect with Kaylyn on Instagram here @pirouettepapercompany!



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