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Joining us from New York City, we have the lovely Nancy Moy! In this interview, Nancy shares her favorite quote, her love of calendars (and ice cream!) and three pieces of advice that she would give her younger self. Read on for the entire interview with Nancy…


“Hi everyone! My name is Nancy and I am a self-taught calligrapher, painter and paper crafts enthusiast. I was born and raised (and still live!) in New York City.”

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business!

“My background is not what you would expect of a typical artist. I did not come from a family of artists nor do I have an art background. I graduated from Cornell with a very specialized degree (Industrial and Labor Relations) and joined corporate America. During the day, I work in financial services but at night, my artist cap comes on.

In 2015, I started dabbling in calligraphy because I wanted to write beautiful motivational quotes for myself and my coworkers. Art became my hobby and provided a form of therapy that allowed me to rise above life’s challenges. Since then, my hobby has turned into my side hustle, and has gone through many phases – from weddings to commissions to workshops.

Today, I mainly work with brands to help provide a unique experience for their customers (whether it be on-site calligraphy events, custom designed pieces, or other unique experiences). I’ve been very blessed to work with some cool companies like WSJ, Katy Perry Collections, Moet Hennessy, Diptyque, Basil Hayden’s, and more!

I am most known for my calligraphy, watercolor florals, greenery-inspired designs, and fun personality (haha!). You can find out more about me at

Spilling The Tea

What has been your biggest struggle to date?

“Do you ever feel like everyone else is doing and accomplishing so much more than you? Well, join the club, my friend!
My biggest challenge is balancing my full-time job in financial services and my side hustle, and always feeling like I am not doing enough for my side hustle. Instagram provides this picture perfect view of everyone’s business but it doesn’t show the hardships and struggles that happen behind the scenes.

This is a constant battle and my day job comes first. When that does happen, I tell myself that there will always be another event or commission. I also try to remember that this is a good problem to have and that I am very lucky. Usually this makes me feel better. When it doesn’t, I treat myself to ice cream 🙂 Lately, I’ve been obsessed with Rocky Road and Jasmine Green Tea ice cream!

In addition, to help me realize how much I’ve accomplished, I jot down all of my accomplishments on each day in a monthly calendar. Some days are blank but other days are full of items. I highly recommend this because it is so helpful to see all you have accomplished over the year! It only takes 15 minutes each month.”

What do you find to be the hardest thing about running your own business and what are you doing to manage this?

“The hardest thing about running my own business is remembering that I am only one person and to not overextend myself. It took me over a year to learn to stop saying yes to everything and to only accept orders that interest me. I used to work late into the night to complete orders and would be burnt out and take long breaks from art.

To help me manage this, I write down all of my events and orders on a monthly calendar so I can see how much I have to do. Can you tell I am a big fan of the monthly calendar?”

Teach Us Something! 

“I used to ask my mentors and senior leaders what are three things they would tell to their younger selves. I found so much comfort in their words and I hope the following also helps you!

1) Community over competition. Find your tribe. Be happy for others and good things will
happen to you too. For example, I always refer orders I can’t take on to my calligrafriends!

It took time and energy to find my tribe but it makes what I do so much more fun and easier. My
community has helped me so much – from providing moral support to helping my business grow
to providing advice during difficult situations. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my

2) Don’t compare your reality to someone else’s highlights (and your beginning to someone
else’s middle). Running a small business is hard. Instagram does NOT mean reality. Nobody
became a rockstar overnight. Just remember that it took years, and that your journey is different.

The journey is the most rewarding part! I love looking back on my first posts and seeing how
much I’ve grown.

3) Be who you are. One of my selling points is my personality. I enjoy engaging with customers
while I am on-site, and leverage my high school retail sales experience to sell more product for
the brand. You never know when your past experiences may come in handy.

For example, I leverage my Excel skills from my day job to help me choose a giveaway winner!
Use the Excel formula =randbetween() to generate a random number for your giveaway (once
you know the total number of entries).

This is how I’ve built relationships with the brands I work with, and why they continue to hire me. I
met the marketing contact for Daniel Wellington at a bar last year while shoveling food into my
mouth with my make-up running down my face (post gym workout) and now, we are working
together this December for an in-store on-site calligraphy event!

Quick-Fire Round

  • Favorite Artisaire Sealing Wax color? Blush 
  • Favorite place for inspiration? The streets of NYC is full of so much inspiration! 
  • Favorite animal? French bulldog

Thank You So Much, Nancy! 

That concludes Part One of the Partner Spotlight with Nancy Moy Calligraphy. A huge thank you to Nancy for sharing your story with us, we loved learning more about you! Be sure to follow Nancy Moy Calligraphy on Instagram here!


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