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Hello Partners!

Drawing her greatest inspiration from travels abroad and passionate about meaningful design, we are thrilled to be welcoming the lovely Mikyla from Ink & Press Co. to the Spotlight this week. Read on for the entire interview with Mikyla…


“Hello, hello! My name is Mikyla Marie Manuirirangi. My last name is a tongue twister – that’s because my husband is Māori and was born and raised in New Zealand. I’m originally from Idaho but now live in Scottsdale, Arizona with my husband. I am the owner, artist, and calligrapher behind Ink & Press Co. – a fine art calligraphy and design studio specializing in wedding stationery.”

How did you get into the stationery industry?

“Over the years my life has encompassed many forms of artistry. I trained as a classical ballerina for over 18 years and was fortunate to have the opportunity to perform at a university level. Although much of my time was spent in the dance studio, I actually graduated with a business degree. My dream was to work in Arts Administration.

After two years working with the nationally acclaimed ballet company, Ballet West, I found myself yearning for deeper artistry on an individual level. At this time, my now husband proposed. I dove into planning our wedding and fell in love with the industry, specifically wedding stationery. The unique fusion of business analytic skills and pure creativity that comes with wedding stationery captivated me and I knew I had finally found my creative niche!”

Spilling The Tea

What has been your biggest struggle to date?

“My biggest struggle thus far has been battling feelings of insecurity and doubt with my artistry. My older brother is an extremely talented artist and painter. Growing up, I always compared my art to his and convinced myself drawing and painting was “his thing.” Although I have taken many art classes throughout the years I never felt confident in or shared my work.

It wasn’t until I started dating Kyston, my husband, that I began to develop confidence in my art. Kyston actually found one of my sketch books when we were dating and encouraged me to share my work. I still struggle with feeling insecure about my work as I know we all do! But I’m learning to give myself grace, let go of perfection, and know I will always be growing and evolving as an artist.”

What do you find to be the hardest thing about running your own business and what are you doing to manage this?

“Right now, the hardest part is feeling limited by the physical space I have to run my business! My husband and I live in a small studio apartment and my “office” is just a desk in the corner of our living room. Arizona is a temporary place for us so it doesn’t make sense to rent a studio space right now.

I dream of the day where I can have an actual studio where I can invest in a letterpress, hire a team, and create. But for now tucking envelopes, paper, and “all the things” into the spare shelves of our kitchen will have to do!”

Teach Us Something!

“I have always loved styling invitation suite flatlays! Recently I learned how to shoot film and now style and photograph a majority of my own work. My secret stationery tip is where I source those beautiful antique ring boxes you see. Although you can find them on Etsy, you can get them on eBay for a fraction of the cost – we’re talking $40 or so here! Just make sure to search both “antique ring box” and “vintage ring box” when you’re looking.

P.S. I created a 32+ page styling guide that covers all things invitation suite flatlay, you can get your hands on my styling guide over on my website at!”

Quick-Fire Round

  • Favorite stationery trend? “Gold foil on handmade paper, forever and ever.”
  • Favorite vacation spot? “Florence, Italy – the art, the gelato, the colors… I just love Italy!”
  • Favorite place to add wax seals? “On the details card! I love including wax seals as part of the actual insert card design.”

Thank You So Much, Mikyla! 

That concludes Part One of the Partner Spotlight with Ink & Press Co. Thank you Mikyla for sharing your story with an open heart. We absolutely loved learning more about you! Be sure to check out Ink & Press Co. on Instagram here!


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