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We are so excited to welcome the wonderful Brittany from Alexis & Lynn to the Spotlight this week! In her Spotlight interview, Brittany shares her struggles with relocating her business, her biggest challenges, and more! Keep reading for the full interview…


“Hi! I’m Brittany, the owner and designer behind Alexis & Lynn. I specialize in custom wedding stationery, calligraphy and day of signage. I originally started my business in South Florida but my husband and I relocated this past year to Raleigh, North Carolina!

Fun fact: My business name was inspired by my relationship with my sister. Alexis & Lynn are our middle names and she was part of the motivation for me to take the leap to start my business!” 

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business!

“I have always loved being creative and finding ways to express my artistic side. After graduating with a degree in Graphic Design, I quickly discovered that I didn’t have a true passion for the corporate side – designing advertisements, brochures, etc. I knew that I wanted to design something that I actually loved and felt a connection with.

I ended up getting a job as a graphic designer for a stationery and gift shop, designing wedding and party invitations. I felt like I found my calling and I loved what I was doing every day! In the four years I worked there, I gained experience and knowledge using proper etiquette for wedding stationery, working with custom vendors, and behind the scenes of print and production. I’ve been able to
carry that knowledge into my own business which has been beneficial to both myself and the couples that I work with!

I absolutely LOVE designing wedding stationery and feel that it is such an important piece of the wedding day. My favorite part of the process is creating color palettes and pairing beautiful papers with special details like personalized wax seals and calligraphed envelopes.” 

Spilling The Tea

What do you find to be the hardest thing about running your own business and what are you doing to manage this?

“The biggest challenge that I have faced has definitely been relocating my business from Florida to North Carolina. I launched Alexis & Lynn a few months after my husband and I got married so I had just created a lot of meaningful connections and friendships with so many amazing local vendors. This wasn’t only beneficial to the business side of my company, but also helped my confidence in feeling like I was part of a community and having other like minded creatives that I could relate to.

After moving, I found myself struggling to find the confidence to reach out and make the same relationships that I had back in Florida. I started to feel very isolated with my business and I felt like I was losing my creative mindset because I was stuck in this feeling of loneliness.

So I took a little break to step back, refresh and remind myself of what it is that I love about this industry and the ability to have a job where I get to create, have fun and play my small part in the wedding process. Since then, I’ve made a personal goal to push past my comfort zone and just put myself and my business out there!”

What was the pivotal moment when you decided to start your own business?

“The ability to have creative freedom is what pushed me to start my own business. I was a graphic designer for a stationery store so I was already designing for weddings and events, but I always felt like I had to design under the guidelines of what the company allowed. Over time I had begun to feel like I couldn’t grow any further as a designer and I wanted to be able to explore my own style and discover who I could be without any restrictions.

I love watching my style evolve, my calligraphy improve and my designs get stronger with each couple that I get to work with. These small improvements excite me for what’s to come with the future of my business and myself as a designer.”

What do you find to be the hardest part about running your own business?

“The hardest part of running a business for me is actually running and managing a business! My background is design so that is where I am comfortable and I know what to do. The business side has been a challenge for me and I am still learning new things along the way. Figuring out how to price my work properly, time management and setting a schedule for myself, sourcing materials and vendors to work with, accounting and taxes – it can be overwhelming at times.

The most helpful tool I’ve found is using a client management system to help create a sense of organization from start to finish with each client that I work with. Also, being involved in Facebook groups to ask questions and get advice from fellow stationers has been extremely invaluable!” 

Teach Us Something!

“In the world of social media, it’s hard not to compare your work, your growth and your successes to others. I know I’m not alone with this one! I struggle with wishing my business and my skills were further along than where they are now. Something I like to remember when I notice myself thinking this way is a piece of advice my dad has always said to me: “Look at where your feet are, that’s where you’re supposed to be.

Great things take time and eventually we all will get there!


Quick-Fire Round

  • Favorite place to add wax seals? The classic envelope seal!
  • Favorite stationery tip or trick? Using a laser to guide straight lines when addressing envelopes
  • Favorite animal? Our new black lab puppy, Honey!

Thank You So Much, Brittany! 

That concludes Part One of the Partner Spotlight with Brittany from Alexis & Lynn! Thank you Brittany, for sharing your story with us, we absolutely loved learning more about you! Follow and connect with Brittany on Instagram here!


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