Please submit finished artwork (specifications below) when ordering. Our Production Artists will then prepare and optimize your artwork for production.

If any changes are needed for your artwork to engrave properly, you will receive a proof with the proposed changes for your approval.

Finished Artwork Specifications:

  • In a .pdf, .ai, or .eps file in a vector format
  • Placed within a non black/gray dieline (download our dielines here - NEW with bleeds!)
  • Maximum of 4 black/greys, only black/grey shades will be engraved
  • Fonts converted to outlines

If submitted artwork is not within the above specifications, our Production Artists will request new artwork. If you are unable to make the changes, we are able to offer an artwork prep service.

For best results:

  • Use a minimum stroke width of 0.9pt or 0.0125"
  • Have a minimum letter height of 6pt* to be legible
  • Use a minimum of a 4pt* letter height to be engravable

*We recommend measuring the actual height of the character, as not all fonts will meet the minimum height when using the relevant size. For example, a 4pt font may not have 4pt character heights.


Size refers to the dimension of the die face. For wax seals, finished sizes will be approximately 0.25" (6.4mm) larger.

Dieline Recommended Artwork
Round: 0.75", 19mm Simple artwork, logo mark or monograms
Round: 1.0", 25mm Most artwork, logo type, logo mark, or monograms
Round: 1.25", 32mm Intricate artwork, all logos, crests, or monograms
Oval: 1.25" x 1.0", 32mm x 25mm  Most artwork, logo type, logo mark, or monograms
 Square: 1.0" x 1.0", 25mm x 25mm Most artwork, logo type, logo mark, or monograms

    Made In Canada

    Our products are made with care in our studio in Victoria, BC, Canada