The Ultimate PRO Deep Dive

We're Answering All The Questions That YOU Asked in Our Last Survey!

Hi PRO Partners!

A couple weeks ago, we asked for your help by sending you a survey. We received a ton of wonderful feedback (thank you!) and now it’s our turn to help you! 

Along with the great feedback, were many questions! So whether you’re new to PRO or have been PRO since day one, this Ultimate PRO Deep Dive was made for you! Yes, you!

Selling like a PRO

How can I show my clients the Artisaire wax colors in an email or online? I would prefer no Artisaire logo.

Easy! Head to the website, log in, scroll to the bottom, and Click “Pro Assets

I need a color chart or something to show my clients, what can I do?

Color Guide all day! We release a new Color Guide every year; a portable swatch deck that displays our entire palette. Perfect for client consultations! 

Listing Designs

How do I list products on my website?

There are three main requirements when it comes to listing designs and colors on your website. All design names must not be changed, credit to designers must be given on listings (i.e. Wild Rose designed by Little North Company), Sealing Wax color names cannot be changed (i.e. Dusty Blue is Dusty Blue).

What photos can I use to list designs on my website?

You can use any of the photos that we use for our listings on your website, just please ensure that you are updating your listings if/when we update ours and following the listing requirements mentioned above!

Offer is Everything

What can I sell as an Artisaire PRO Partner?

You can sell everything that we have listed in our store to your clients. From premade wax seals, to sealing wax and wax stamps. From stock designs to monograms. And everything in between! We recommend creating a custom offering, for example, choosing 10 colors or a palette that you work within. However, that is not a requirement, it can just be a good place to start! If you’d like to sell all the colors, sell all the colors!

I’d love to be able to offer my clients different shapes, is that possible?

Totally! We offer three different shapes for our custom wax stamps and custom wax seals: round, oval, square.

Do you offer different edge styles for wax seals?

We do offer different edge styles. Our stock designs only come in the organic edge style. However, our custom wax seals are available in both organic and modern edge styles!

When do you recommend using stock designs vs. custom designs?

Stock designs are perfect for last minute additions, for the client on a budget, and for upselling. Our stock wax seals are sold in packs of 25 and come in 15 different colors, a palette we’ve created that contains our top-sellers! Stock wax seals are available with the organic edge style and come only in our 1 inch round style. Our stock wax stamps are only available in 1 inch rounds, our most popular shape and size!

Custom wax seals or wax stamps are ideal for the client who is looking for that personalized touch to their wedding stationery and day-of decor pieces. Our custom wax seals come over over 45 colors currently, are available in 3 different shapes (round, oval, square), 2 different styles, and a range of sizes! Custom Wax Stamps come in 3 different shapes (round, oval, square) and come in a range of sizes.


What is my PRO shipping rate?
We provides live rates directly from the courier and cover a % of the live rate. The remaining amount is your shipping rate. This is the same rate that will be provided to a retail customer as well!
When should I blind ship to clients?
If you’re just shipping one item to your client(s), we recommend blind shipping. If you are sending multiple items to your client(s), it’s probably best to ship to yourself, re-package/re-brand, and then ship to your client under your brand. However, it’s completely up to you!
How do I blind ship?
The checkbox feature for blind shipping is currently unavailable and we are working on bringing it back in the near future. To blind ship, simply leave a message in the order notes!

Thank You For The Feedback!

Again, thank you so much for all of the wonderful feedback and comments from our survey last week. We hope we’ve answered some of your questions and that you’re feeling prepared to create your offering, list them on your website, and sell sell sell! Should any other questions arise, you can send us a message at!


The Artisaire PRO Team