Three PRO Tips For Wax Seal Perfection


We’ve got 3 video tutorials for you today all about perfecting your wax seal technique and styling! We’ll be showing you how to avoid swirls when working with metallic sealing wax, the infamous ribbon trick, and how to make raw edge wax seals! Let’s get started!

Different Pouring Techniques

In the first video, you can see that the gun is being held low to the paper (almost kissing the paper/wax) and it very still. This will create seals with minimal to no “swirls”. The second video, the gun moves around and is held slightly above the wax, so that the wax is almost falling on itself. This creates lots of metallic swirls, which some may love! But if you don’t, now you know how to avoid them! 

The Ultimate Ribbon Trick

The best ribbon trick to ever exist! When you want the wax seal to stick to the ribbon, and the ribbon only. You can use a silicone mat (we’ve cut one down to the perfect size in this video) or parchment paper (be sure to test out a few brands, some work better than others). 

Raw Edge Wax Seals

Raw edge wax seals can be so beautiful and have such a different aesthetic compared to our full-edge (organic) wax seals, and they are so easy to make! Just use less wax! We show you how to create both in this short tutorial.


Questions about these videos? Suggestions on what you’d like to see next? Send us an email, – we love hearing your feedback!


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