The Stationer’s Guide To Wax Seals

Do you want to know the best way to increase your revenue through wax seals?

Well, you came to the right place!

In this guide we’re sharing the secrets behind our premade wax seals and why they will be the #1 game changer for your business this year!

What Are Premade Wax Seals?

Individually pressed into our signature sealing wax and finished with an adhesive backing, our premade wax seals are the best way to add wax seals to your business!

Not only will they save you the time (and money) of making your seals by-hand, but these seals are also a great way to provide your clients who are taking care of assembly themselves, with a stress-free experience!

Before we go any further – there are a few things you should know:

  • Our self adhesive seals are made with our signature sealing wax – not plastic!
  • Not all self adhesive/premade seals are created equal.
  • Our premade wax seals are individually pressed and finished by-hand with your choice of adhesive and edge style.
  • Wax seals qualify for the largest price discounts through the program, making them the best way to increase your revenue through the program.
  • Professional Grade Wax Seals are the most popular option for stationers, designers and creative brands!
  • Have a client doing assembly on their own?  Premade wax seals are a fool-proof way for them to enjoy the wax seal experience without worry about damaging their invitations with hot wax! 

Our wax seals are individually pressed into real sealing wax.

Every seal you order has been pressed into real sealing wax by one of our Wax Seal Artisans to ensure quality and consistency. Finished with an adhesive backing, our wax seals are made one-at-a-time and finished by hand with your choice of style and design.

Common Myth: “Self adhesive wax seals are made of plastic, not real wax.”

Truth: Our self adhesive wax seals are individually pressed into real sealing wax that we make in-house (the very same sealing wax you would get from us to use with your wax seal stamper)!

Our wax seals come with your choice of edge style for the perfect look.

We can create your seals with your choice of:

Modern Edge: A clean and consistent look
Organic Edge: A slightly irregular look 
Artisan Edge: A rustic and completely hand-poured look from seal to seal.

Common Myth: “Those kinds of seals are mass produced and all look exactly the same.”

Truth: Our team spends hours a week perfecting their technique to ensure your seals are made with the perfect level of irregularity for your project!

Our wax seals are finished with an adhesive backing for easy use.

Our premade wax seals are finished with your choice of adhesive backing. With Resealable, Professional Clear, and Professional Grade available, our adhesive options have been carefully tested to ensure quality of hold and easy use.

Common Myth: “Wax seal stickers can only be used on paper.”

Truth: We have 3 different styles of adhesive – each designed for a specific type of application ranging from paper and cardstock to glass, plastic and curved surfaces.

How To Choose The Right Adhesive For Your Wax Seals

Professional Grade

The most popular adhesive as chosen by our invitation designers, this is our strongest level of adhesive and is perfect for almost all surfaces.

We highly recommend selecting this option when mailing your wax seals or using it on packaging or a curved surface.

Recommended Surfaces:

  • Thick, Textured Paper/Cardstock
  • Coated or Glossy Paper/Cardstock
  • Specialty Surfaces (Ribbon, Twine, Wood)
  • Coated Surfaces (Plastic, Vellum*)
  • Glass, Bottles, Curved Surfaces**

Special Notes:

This adhesive may tear the surface underneath if removed.

*If using vellum sealing wax or placing your seals on a clear surface, make sure to select the Professional Clear option or ask our team to assist you.

**If you are placing your wax seals on a curved surface, let our team know when you place your order so we can optimize your wax for this application.


Like a Post-It Note, this type of adhesive allows seals to be removed cleanly from a wide range of surfaces, then reapplied 3-5 times without tearing.

We recommend our Resealable Wax Seals for any delicate surface or application.

Recommended Surfaces:

  • Mirrors
  • Escort Cards
  • Seating Charts
  • Laser Cut Stationery and Flat Gatefolds
  • Tissue Paper

Special Notes:

If you want to use your seals to hold a gatefold closed that has pressure behind it, you will need to select Professional Grade Wax Seals.

 This style of adhesive is not suitable for mailing without the use of an outer envelope.

How To Choose The Right Style For Your Wax Seals

re you looking for the perfect round wax seal? You’re going to love our Modern Edge!

Want something a little more organic looking? You’re going to love our Organic Edge!

Do you love the hand-poured, super rustic look? Our Artisan Edge is for you!

By leaving production to us – you’ll never have to worry about accidentally ruining a wax seal (or an invitation in the process) ever again!

Modern Edge

Our Modern Edge Wax Seals are created with a clean and consistent wax seal edge (or “bleed”) for a uniform look from seal to seal.

Organic Edge

Our Organic Edge Wax Seals are created with a slightly irregular wax seal edge (or “bleed”) for an organic look from seal to seal.

Artisan Edge

Our Artisan Edge Wax Seals are created with a rustic and varied wax seal edge (or “bleed”) for a that completely unique, “hand-poured” look from seal to seal.

Special Note: This will create a larger total finished size of seal than the other two edge styles.

Specialty Shape Edge Styles

Oval Wax Seals

Rectangle Wax Seals

Square Wax Seals

The Safest Ways To Mail Wax Seals

1. Hand Cancel (Always)

Hand-cancelling is a brilliant way of protecting your seals in the mail and preventing any tearing due to modern mail sorting machines.

Hand sorting your letters/stationery is a great service offered by most Post Offices (we recommend calling ahead to make sure), and is an excellent way to ensure your seals stay intact upon delivery.

2. Outer Envelope

Using an outer envelope is a perfect solution if you’re working with delicate details such as ribbon, string, and twine with your wax seals!

We would highly recommend using an outer envelope to protect your seals if you would prefer to not hand-cancel your invitations. We also recommend this solution if you are using our Resealable Adhesive.

3. Stamp + Send

For those of you sending hand-stamped seals through the mail, using the traditional stamp + send method typically fare quite well.

As you will press the hot wax into the fibers of the paper, your seal will bond tightly when stamped.

We do always recommend using one of the first two options as well, if you want to be extra safe!

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