The Artisaire Pro Selling Guide

Are you ready to increase your revenue and add a new product offering to your portfolio?

Are you ready to impress your clients with a custom offering that perfectly pairs with your other products?

Do you want to differentiate yourself from others in your industry by creating a tailored offering?

As a member of Artisaire Pro, you are ready to achieve all of those goals – and we’re here to help you do it! In this guide, we are sharing our secrets on how to add wax seals to your business in the most effective way!

Let’s dive in! 

How to Price Your Wax Seals

“How much should I charge for my wax seals?”

Just like any pricing strategy, there are a few important factors to keep in mind:

  • What tier of the program are you in? (and what are your other costs?)
  • How will you be selling them? (As a product only?  A service?  A package that includes artwork design, product and assembly?)
  • What pricing strategy do you use for the rest of your products and how does that relate to the value of this service? 
  • What is the industry average for this product/service?

Depending on how your brand is positioned, how you package and sell your seals, and what your overall pricing strategy is like – you may find you are able to charge more than the starting industry average.

As a reference, our starting MSRP for 1” wax seals (without design fee) is $1.21 per seal – but we have many clients who easily charge upwards of $3.50 per seal.

Pricing Recommendations:

  • Start with a 2-3x markup for your seals, then evaluate against your other offerings.  
  • Offer your seals as a packaged service – including product and assembly to increase your revenue.
  • Charge a separate design fee when working with custom artwork vs. pricing all together as a “per piece” fee.
  • Experiment with specialty shapes, sizes and custom colors to differentiate your offering and add increased value to the product itself. 
  • If your client is doing the assembly themselves, offer to create a personalized wax seal kit (self adhesive) for them.
  • Use the heirloom wax stamp as a keepsake add-on with their wedding package.

As pricing varies from business to business – these are simply some tips and tricks that we have found to be most effective for our clients. If you have other pricing strategies that work well for your business, we would encourage you to use those for your wax seals as well!

Use Samples

If you’ve already read our Getting Started Guide, you will likely already have your Branded Display Kit in-hand, but if not – here is the #1 tip to effectively selling wax seals:


Clients are 60% more likely to make their first sale when they purchase the Branded Display Kit and use it as a selling tool. That’s right – 60%!

In addition to our Branded Display Kit, we also offer individual color swatches and a Color Guide. That way, whether you host your design consultations in person or online – there are many ways to get wax seals into your brides’ hands!


The third secret to successfully adding wax seals to your business is integration. By creating a seamless client experience for your brides, you increase your chances of conversation exponentially!


Every time you order custom wax seals, you will receive an Artisaire Pro branded proof with a mock-up of your design for approval.

If you are sending the wax seal proof along to your client, we recommend creating your own branded proof template that you can simply insert the image from our proof and send off to your client for approval.

This will help to prevent any brand confusion by sending an Artisaire Pro proof to your client directly!

Blind Shipping

If you are shipping your order directly to your client and would like your order to ship without Artisaire branding, please select the “To Blind Ship” checkbox in the cart page.

Please note that as our orders ship from Canada, the label on the outside of the package will have Heoworks Industries, Inc. listed to follow cross-border shipping regulations. Products offered from outside vendors (such as our wedding heirlooms and styling pieces) may include branded items from the vendor who created it.


If you plan to repackage our seals and send them to your client directly, keep packaging in mind during the summer months!

If you are shipping to a hot destination, avoid the use of plastic when wrapping your seals to prevent sticking. We recommend using kraft paper or breathable materials with natural fiber.


What Else?

As we said when you joined the program, we’re here to equip you with the best products and services possible to help you grow your business!

Now that you’ve got all the pieces to get started, here are 10 actionable tips to help boost productivity, increase revenue and differentiate your offering today:

  • Add wax seal samples to your client on-boarding process (even if they haven’t asked for them) – most people don’t realize they want wax seals until they see them!
  • Use wax seals in your styling, promotion and content strategy to increase visibility.  For some great examples and ideas, click here.
  • Automatically add a wax seal section to your design proof for every client.
  • Hook your clients with color!  We are visual creatures by nature and color is a brilliant way to create an emotional connection with a product.  Make sure to have lots of variety in your swatches to show breadth!  To purchase the Color Guide, click here
  • Offer to create a special “Signature Color” for your client’s wedding to create something totally unique – which automatically increases the value and can be charged accordingly.
  • Add the Heirloom Stamp (which can be added on to any premade wax seal order) as a gift or add-on product for your brides to purchase.
  • When you are ordering wax seals for a client – always add 20-30 more than you think you will need.  Guest lists often grow right at the last minute!
  • Price your wax seals strategically!  Offer as a package with assembly; separate your design fee for the artwork from the product itself; and provide keepsake options for your brides to purchase – such as the Heirloom Wax Stamp.
  • Use wax seals as a cohesive design element across all phases of the wedding stationery: save the dates, invitations, RSVP cards, menus, escort cards, seating charts, signage, etc.!
  • Use premade wax seals whenever possible for the largest profit margin and biggest time savings!
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