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Hello! Welcome to the ARTISAIRE PRO Selling Guide 

So, you have added wax seals to your offering? Wonderful! Now it’s time to start selling. We’re going to take you through some great tips and tricks to do just that. This guide will discuss samples & visuals, products, listing, increasing value, and more! So, get your pen and paper ready, it’s note-taking time!  

Samples & Visuals

First and foremost, we need to talk about visuals. What do we mean by visuals? Physical samples that your clients can hold, feel, touch, smell, and look at. This is SO important, we cannot stress it enough! Here are a couple of great ways to showcase wax seals to your clients… 

Color Guide

Hook your clients with color!  We are visual creatures by nature and color is a brilliant way to create an emotional connection with a product. The Color Guide is a great tool that displays all our Sealing Wax colorsThere is truly nothing like seeing wax colors in person, so we recommend having the Color Guide on-hand at all times and definitely in consultations!  

The ARTISAIRE Color Guide is updated annually, so it’s very important to ensure that you always have the current version.

Branded Display Kit

Designed for stationers, creative studios, and design houses, our Branded Display Kit includes all the pieces needed to offer your clients beautifully customized wax seals – all branded with your logo!

Our Branded Display Kit includes: 

  • 50 x 1″ round Wax Seals with your logo, choice of color and edge type, finished with Professional Grade Adhesive 
  • 1 x 1″ round Heirloom Stamp with your logo 
  • 1 x Color Guide 
  • Wax Seal samples are created with a generic monogram, so you can easily show your clients! 
  • 1 x Sample Pack 
  • Includes physical (loose) samples of all of our shapes and edge styles (Artisaire branded) 
  • Complete Sizing Pack (Artisaire branded) 
  • 5 x Sealing Wax Sticks, same color as the wax seals 

Wax Seal Sample Pack

Create the perfect wax seal for your project. Our sample pack includes sizing, shape and style samples with color swatch add-ons, allowing you to easily see our customization options in-person.  

Wax Seal Sample Pack Includes:  

  • 5 Resealable Adhesives – Light hold, applies and re-applies  
  • 5 Clear Adhesives – Medium hold, invisible – perfect for flat glass applications  
  • 5 Professional Adhesives – Strongest hold, suitable for mailing and most projects  
  • 6 wax seals in antique gold showing all our shapes and styles  
  • 5 wax seals in antique gold showing our standard sizes (from 0.50″ to 1.5″)   


There are SO many ways to incorporate wax seals into a wedding suite, we know that, you know that, but your client may not. The most common place for a wax seal is the envelope, but we don’t want to stop there! 

It can be super beneficial for you and your clients, to provide them with some samples in your consultations that display these placements (escort cards, menus, place cards, on the actual invitation, envelope, on belly band, gatefold, etc.) They might even choose to have wax seals in TWO or three places after seeing all of the beautiful options! 

A great way to stock on up seals for this project is shopping our Styling Set.

Products & Listing

What exactly can you sell? You can sell our Sealing Wax Sticks, Wax Stamps, and Wax Seals! Below, we are going to break down how each product should be listed on your website and the different ways to offer each item. 

Sealing Wax Sticks

Sealing Wax can be sold on your website as a single product listing (by themselves), or you can incorporate them into a suite. For example, the suite could come with 1 Wax Stamp and 5 packs of Sealing Wax Sticks, additional packs could be added if needed.  

When you list ARTISAIRE Sealing Wax Sticks on your website, we ask that you do not change the color names. Blush is Blush – this is so we don’t cause any confusion among our clients and customers.  

Listing Example: 

  •  [Color Name] Sealing Wax Sticks
  • Blush Sealing Wax Sticks 
Untitled design - 2020-08-26T123232.306

Wax Stamps

Like Sealing Wax Sticks, you could also sell Wax Stamps by themselves or incorporate them into a suite. You can also sell wax stamps designed by you. In this case, you would be able to name the design and could credit yourself for the artwork (so long as it is original).  

If you choose to sell ARTISAIRE designs, that is also an option! But we ask that you give proper credit to our Creative Community artists and do not change the name of the designs.  

Listing Example: 

  • [Design Name] Wax Stamp designed by [Artist]
  • Garden Party Wax Stamp designed by Little North Company 
Untitled design - 2020-08-26T123129.155

Wax Seals

Finally, we have Wax Seals, and the trend continues in that you could sell these as an add-on by themselves (probably in packs of 25 or 50 for example), or you could include them in your suites.  

Just like selling Wax Stamps – you could create your own signature wax seal designs and credit yourself as the designer/artist or you can sell ARTISAIRE designs. Should you choose to sell ARTISAIRE designs, the color names cannot be changed and proper credit to the artist and design name must be given.  

Listing example:

  • [Design Name] Wax Seals designed by [Artist] in [Color Name]
  • Engaged Wax Seals designed by Nancy Moy Calligraphy in Blush. 
Untitled design - 2020-08-26T122900.899


Pricing your wax seals? Here are a couple of things to consider: 

  • How you sell your seals (included in the price of your invitations vs. an add-on service) 
  • What type of design you are using (custom or stock) 
  • The positioning of your brand and pricing of your other offerings. 

We always recommend a 2-3X markup for our seals – but again, that depends on your niche. If you already have a pricing model that works for other streams of your business – we would suggest using the same principles here.

Here are a few other tips: 

  • Increase your revenue by offering wax seals as an assembly service – this will allow you to offer a service and product as two separate offerings. 
  • Charge a separate design fee for the artwork than the wax seals 
  • Whenever possible, use our pre-made wax seals. They have the greatest pricing breaks for volume and will save you so much time – increasing your profit margin for seals across the board! 

Increasing Value

Looking to take your customer experience to the next level or have clients that are looking for something extra-personalized and special? Experiment with specialty shapes, sizes and custom colors to differentiate your offering and add increased value to the product itself.  

Offer to create a “Signature Color” for your client’s wedding to create something totally unique – which automatically increases the value and can be charged accordingly. You can offer custom colored wax seals or sealing wax sticks! Just send us a physical swatch (bridesmaid dress swatch, paper swatch, etc.) or a Pantone number and we will get to work! 

Play with round, oval, and square wax seals, as well as different sizes. These small changes can make the biggest differences and are a relatively easy change to a suite!  

You've Got This!

Now what? Time to sell, sell, sell! We hope that you’re feeling equipped and ready to start putting some of these procedures and tools in place so that you can begin successfully offering wax seals. Should you have any questions at all about selling, listing, samples, and so on send us an email at! One of our PRO Team Members will be happy to assist you!


The Artisaire PRO Team 

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