Sealing Wax Color Guide

It may come as no surprise that color is one of our great loves.

When it comes to wax seals it’s ALL about the sealing wax!

We have developed our 2020 Pro Palette to include the best-selling sealing wax colors of the last 25 years! Including our best-selling metallics, our most popular primary and pastel shades and our latest collection of colors, we are so excited to see what you create with our 2020 palette this year!

With new color trends constantly emerging within the wedding industry, this palette will continue to evolve each year to ensure that you have the best, most popular shades for your clients year after year! We recommend updating your Color Guide each year!


Primary & Pastels

  • Ginger
  • Silver Sage
  • Rosa

Swatch of the Year (2020)

  • Café
  • Vintage Rose
  • Buttercream
  • Rosé

The Secret Behind Our Wax

If this is your first time working with sealing wax – you may be thinking: “it’s just sealing wax – how different can it really be?”

Having tested every type of sealing wax on the market, we can guarantee you there is a BIG difference!

Let’s start by asking you a few questions:   

  • Have you ever been told by a client or told a client that wax seals can’t be sent through the mail? 
  • Have you ever struggled to find the right color of wax for your project? 
  • Have you ever burned yourself working with wax because it got WAY too hot? 
  • Have you ever ruined an invitation suite because your wax was too runny? 
  • Have you ever gotten a headache after breathing in the fumes from making wax seals? 

If you answered yes to any of those questions above – you will have experienced one of the main challenges that our clients faced before switching to our sealing wax.

When our company first started working with wax seals 25 years ago, we sourced our sealing wax from global manufacturers who developed sealing wax on-mass for the entire industry. While it looked nice for the odd crafting project here or there – we started seeing more and more challenges for our business clients (like you) who wanted to use wax seals for professional use.

Designed to provide an all-in-one solution to the five main challenges faced by our community, 100% of our wax sold through this program and in our retail shop is created this way!

Made in-house and designed for professional use, you will notice four main characteristics of our wax:     

  • Extensive Color Range + Consistency
  • Flexible Sealing Wax for Professional Use (stationery, weddings, event planning, branding and packaging)
  • Easy-to-Use Format (thicker consistency, consistent melting point, easy-to-pour, glue gun format)
  • Made from High Quality Ingredients (beautiful wax without the harsh fumes and chemicals)

Now, you may be wondering why we are telling you all of this?

One of the biggest lessons we have learned about effectively selling wax seals is that educating your client on why your product is different than everyone else’s (which is often sold for a lot less) is the most important factor in successfully adding wax seals to your business.

As you will be offering wax seals to your clients, we want to make sure that you have all the information needed to effectively communicate why your brides should feel 100% confident in your wax seals – because they really are the best! 

How to Choose the Right Wax Seal Method for Your Project

Now that you have the right color, what type of wax seal do you need?

We offer 3 different ways to make wax seals, but will be focusing on the two most effective options for professional use:  

When choosing the right format, there are three factors to consider: 

  • How are you using your wax seal?
  • Are you going to be sending your seals through the mail?
  • How much time do you have/wish to spend? 
Your Surface/Project Type Recommended Wax Seal Format
Wedding invitations, stationery, menus, envelopes: flat cardstock, paper, handmade paper Both
Wedding invitations, stationery, menus, envelopes: acrylic*, vellum*, plastic* Wax Seals (Resealable or Professional Grade)
Wedding invitations, stationery, menus, envelopes – with ribbon, tine or string Sealing Wax + Stamp
Wedding invitations, stationery, menus, envelopes – with a flat gatefold or laser cut Resealable Wax Seals
Wedding invitations, stationery, menus, envelopes – rounded gatefold with pressure underneath Professional Grade Wax Seals
Escort Cards – flat cardstock or paper Both
Seating Chart – static (for display only) Professional Grade Wax Seals
Seating Chart – interactive (need to remove them cleanly) Resealable Wax Seals
Bottles, glass, votive holders, etc. – curved surface Professional Grade Wax Seals**
Gift wrapping and favors Both

* if you are adding wax seals to a clear surface, or working with Vellum Sealing Wax, make sure to request our Clear Professional Grade Adhesive!  Our standard Professional Grade Adhesive has threading in it – which can be seen through your clear surface.  

**Please let our team know if you are adding wax seals to a curved surface when you place your order so we can optimize the blend of your wax for this application!

The Biggest Time Saver Ever!

As we mentioned in our Stationer’s Guide to Wax Seals, our premade wax seals are the fastest way to add wax seals to your invitations and stationery.

When deciding whether to have us make your seals for you or making them yourself, consider how much time you have for assembly and how much time you would like to save:

• To make 100 wax seals by hand: 1.5 hours (based on 45 seconds per seal with no breaks)
• To assemble 100 premade wax seals: 25 minutes (based on 15 seconds per seal with no breaks)

In addition to extensive time savings (which equates directly into cost savings for you), wax seals also offer the largest pricing discounts across the entire program.

That is why we recommend using our premade wax seals whenever possible to ensure you are maximizing your margins while saving the most time!

If you have any questions for the team about wax seals – send us an email to and our team will get back to you with more info!

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