Making Wax Seal Videos With Your Smartphone

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We had some questions in the Artisaire Pro closed Facebook Group (if you haven’t already joined, you can join here) about creating wax seal videos with a smartphone. We reached out to Video Queen, Taryn Sutherland from Twinkle & Toast, to bring you 5 tips and tricks for making wax seal videos with your smartphone!

Without further ado, here is what Taryn had to say:

5 Tips For Making Wax Seal Videos

  1. Make sure you have great natural lighting! Close to the window, but far enough away from the sun spots, as that lighting will be too harsh!
  2. Invest in a affordable hands free phone holder with a flexible arm – this is key! Click here to see Taryn’s recommended product! 
  3. Clear your work space – make the area intentional and visually appealing!
  4. Shoot everything straight on for overall shots – if you want to do details, you can have it on an angle but make sure you’re tight and close.
  5. Film on your phone then edit (as opposed to filming in Instagram). If the video is under one minute, you can share directly through Instagram. If the video is over a minute, you can use an app like Storeo (or similar) to splice the video!

     BONUS TIP! Don’t use the zoom feature on your phone, as it lowers the quality of the video. Instead, bring your phone closer to the object! 

Video Inspiration

Want to see some serious wax seal video inspo? Check out Taryn’s Instagram highlights here, she has one dedicated to Wax Seals! Or click the image below to check out one of Taryn’s videos on the Artisaire Instagram feed.

We can’t wait to see what you create. Be sure to tag us in your videos @artisaire!


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