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We’re so excited to share this guide with you, brought to you by the wonderful Heather O’Brien of Cultivated Creative and Heather O’Brien Design. Heather is going to take you through what she likes to call “Planner Boxes”. You’ll learn what they are, why they’re important, what they include, and more! So buckle up!

The Introduction

Hi there! Heather here with The Cultivated Creative and Heather O’Brien Design! I’m so excited to be sharing on the ARTISAIRE blog today all about how I build wedding invitation sample boxes to send to vendors or wedding planners I would like to start working with. These boxes are a great way to get your products and samples in front of couples through their vendors and create amazing relationships along the way!

One of my favorite things as a stationery designer is working alongside wedding planners and their clients when it comes to wedding invitations and stationery. Building relationships with wedding planners is easier than you think. And one of the ways that I start that process is with Wedding Invitation Sample Boxes.

These sample boxes showcase some of my custom wedding invitations as well as some of my specialty pieces and other materials that would be helpful for a wedding planner whose client is ready to start thinking about wedding invitations.

Creating Your Sample Box

wedding invitations

Showcase some of your favorite samples that show a variety of your work and capacity. You can use past client samples (make sure that is covered in your contract!) or you can design samples specifically for this!

paper swatches

You can include samples of some of your most popular paper swatches in different weights and colors that you recommend for your clients. This allows them to see and feel the different papers. I recommend labeling them with what they are.

accessory samples

What are you known for? Wax seals, luxurious ribbons, your show-stopping calligraphy? Be sure to include a variety of these items in there as well to help you stand out and show what makes you unique!

contact cards

AKA business cards – a way for them to find you online or get in touch with you. I recommend including a handful so they can provide these to any couples who are interested in reaching out to you.

note cards

Be sure to include a personalized card addressed to the wedding planner that thanks them for their time and includes a little about you and what you have included and how you look forward to hearing from them.

Assembling Your Sample Boxes

When it comes to the assembly of the wedding invitation sample box you can go as simple or as elaborate as you would like. I would say to take into consideration your ideal client and the type of wedding planners you are reaching out to. If they are high-end, detail-oriented, you may want to really think about all the touch-points and how you make sure they’re perfect. 

Here is a list of what I include in my own wedding invitation sample boxes and what they cost. I started with 25 boxes (probably way more than enough!) and spent about $12 per box plus shipping. This price does not include the actual wedding invitation samples as I actually keep excess from my favorite client orders specifically for this. If you are ordering samples just for the boxes, your cost will be higher.

My ideal clients and the wedding planners that I reach out to are on the higher-end for both design and budget, so I made sure that this box reflected that with the branding and items I added to it. You can go as simple or elaborate you would like or as the budget allows!

box and supplies

  • 9.5 x 9.5 x 2 White Mailer Box (Soho-Paper, $30/set of 25)
  • 5×7 Pocket Cards to hold paper swatches (Soho-Paper, $7.25/set of 10)
  • Branded wax seal to go on the thank you card (Artisaire, $45)
  • Silk ribbon for the box opener (1 spool, MayArts, $35)
  • Crinkle Paper to cushion (Amazon, 2lb, $20)
  • Small vellum envelopes for the contact cards and wax seals (Envelopes.com, $10)
  • Mailing Boxes, used to mail the sample box (Uline, $30)

Paper Goods and Stickers

  • Paper belly bands for the samples
  • Double-thick thank you cards + envelope
  • Stickers for both small vellum envelopes
  • Logo sticker for the front of the box
  • Contact Cards (5-6 per box)
  • Sticker for paper swatches
  • Paper Swatches (set of 5 papers per box
  • All from Printswell Fulfillment

Mailing the Sample Boxes

I use boxes from Uline that allow me to slide the sample box in snugly so I don’t have to ship the actual sample box to help preserve it. You are looking at about $13-$15 per box to ship these via FedEx or UPS. You *may* be able to get a lower rate with USPS, however, I would rather spend the extra few dollars to send with another carrier.

I know that almost $30+ per box after shipping seems a little steep, but they are well worth the investment to start working on building a relationship with wedding planners (or any vendor for that matter!) that could last for years to come. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this breakdown of building a wedding invitation sample box!

The Cultivated Creative + Heather O’Brien Design 

Thank You, Heather!

We hope you enjoyed this guide! We can’t wait to see you creating your very own “planner boxes”. If you’re looking for more stationery resources, amazing courses, and tools we highly recommend checking out The Cultivated Creative! 

As always, if you have any questions or comments, send us an email at pro@artisaire.com
Until next time!





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