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Hi PRO Partners!

Finally, we are able to talk more about the Color Guide! We are calling this the “Guide to the ARTISAIRE PRO Color Guide” because we are going to share everything from how many NEW colors there are in the 2021 Color Guide, when to use the Color Guide, choosing colors, Matte colors (yes, you heard us right), and renewing your Color Guide. If you want to hear all the juicy color details, then continue reading…

Renewing Your Color Guide

2020 was and has been a unique year. So that means there will be some unique circumstances rolling over into 2021 as a result.

Due to the lack of a wedding season in 2020, we have decided that if you or your clients request a 2020 Color Guide color (i.e. a color that is not in the 2021 Color Guide), we won’t begin charging custom color fees until January 1st, 2022.

That being said, we do recommend switching over to the 2021 Color Guide, as we want you (and your clients) to have access to the newest and greatest colors!

Our Process

Our Color Guide process starts right after we launch a guide and everyone in the ARTISAIRE office is involved (i.e. pretty much every department in ARTISAIRE plays a role in the color development and Color Guide process: Sales, Marketing, Production, Color, Operations, etc.). 

Creating the Color Guide is hard work. It’s not as simple or easy as just choosing colors that we like and making them into Sealing Wax, although we wish it was sometimes.

All year round, we are noting down your color suggestions, watching custom color orders, looking at trends, getting inspiration from color-leaders like Pantone and Mohawk, and mixing/creating/playing with color.

We need to make sure the colors are stable. Our colors are created in small batches, so ensuring that we can get an almost exact match every time the color is created is very important, and this takes a lot of trial and error.

Our PRO Partners are so important to us, that we also want to make sure that the wax seal colors we create and put into the Color Guide are colors that can be matched and styled easily. In other words, we try to make your job a little bit easier by doing our research, listening to your suggestions, and constantly experimenting. 

The 2021 Color Guide

The 2021 Color Guide might be our best guide yet. All of the classics and fan-favorites are still in the Color Guide, but we have also finetuned and revamped some colors that we felt needed a little ARTISAIRE love. We said goodbye to some, and we’ve created some completely new colors and formulas…

The 2021 Color Guide palette is beautiful, diverse, and very unique. We truly poured our hearts and souls into re-creating every part of the guide. We’re going to break it down a little bit, but just a little bit, because we want to leave you with some mystery and surprise!

Carbon? Thyme? Mysterious color with the name cut-off? Vino? Mulberry? Dusty Rose?

We have been receiving requests for a “slate-grey” or “dark grey” for a while now and we’re happy to tell you, it has arrived, and we’ve name it Carbon; the perfect smoky, rich grey.

Thyme; less minty then Silver Sage, a dusty mid-tone, mossy green. We. Are. Completely. Obsessed.

See that stunning color underneath Cafe? It’s a lovely natural neutral, a warm taupe with grey and red undertones, and it has us dreaming about crawling into freshly washed linen sheets. Good night. Can you guess what we’ve named it?

Vino is an updated version of Plum. We brought a bit more warmth to it, a little less purple and given it a new name that we think suits it best (it also happens to be one of our favorite beverages). 

Mulberry replaces Merlot. We’ve revamped it with a little more pink/purple, which has created this gorgeous berry color that we are all drooling over.

Dusty Rose is exactly what it sounds like, just that perfect muted pink that we all love seeing and working with!

So what is that mysterious swatch with familiar looking colors??

Nice to MATTE You!

You have asked, over and over, and we could not be more thrilled to say MATTE COLORS ARE OFFICIALLY HERE! We have 4 matte colors in the 2021 Color Guide; Meadow, Providence Blue, Cobblestone, and Rosewood. Here is a quick legend:

  • Meadow = Matte Silver Sage 
  • Providence Blue = Matte Dusty Blue
  • Cobblestone = Matte Clay
  • Rosewood = Matte Vintage Rose
We have spent weeks, months, years trialing and testing out matte sealing wax, to ensure that it met the ARTISAIRE standard in terms of flexibility, durability, and overall look and feel. So while we know that it has been a long wait, we feel confident in telling you that the Matte Sealing Wax is amazing and we can’t wait to see what you think!

Using the Color Guide

Okay, we have spilled the beans SOME of the new colors (yes, there are more new colors but you’ve got to get the 2021 Color Guide to see the rest!), now we need to talk about when to use the Color Guide!

We recommend using the Color Guide as part of your consultation process! We hate to say it, but most people don’t consider wax seals until they’ve seen them in person! Which, to be fair, there is nothing like seeing and touching wax seals! The Color Guide is great because not only does it display our entire color palette but it also shows the texture, the irregular shape, and some of our most popular sizes. 

In summary, it’s really just the perfect tool for client consultations! Use it, love it, create with it.

Cheers to 2021!

May 2021 be year full of love and weddings, gatherings and events, and gorgeous colors. We seriously can’t wait to see what you create with the 2021 Color Guide!

Questions? Color suggestions? Comments? We’d love to hear from you, send us a message at 



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