Artisaire PRO: The Getting Started Guide

Hello and welcome! 

Congratulations for being selected as a new member of ARTISAIRE PRO! We are so excited that you are here, so let’s dive in! This guide will go over your first steps, a little bit about the program, and some FAQ’s. 

First Steps

  • PRO Pricing: Your discount is automatically applied to products eligible for PRO pricing, so all you have to do is log into your PRO account to receive your pricing (just go to 
  • Selling: You can resell Wax Seals, Sealing Wax Sticks, and Wax Stamps! When you are reselling our designs and products, please ensure you are giving proper credit to the artist, design name and not changing color names. For more information on selling, please visit our PRO Selling Guide. 
  • Color Assets: When you log into your PRO account, you will see “PRO Tools” in the menu, the assets are there. You can also click here! 

About The Program

Starting as a family run business, we know the challenges that come with growing your brand. Over the last 30 years, we have learned the ins and outs of wax seals. Not only did we discover the challenges of building a business, but we also learned the secrets of how to use wax seals to grow your brand – and now we’re sharing them with you! 

PRO was designed to help you add wax seals to your business portfolio, increase your revenue, and diversify your offerings, this program will walk you through the best ways to achieve those 3 goals, and we’re here to help you get there! 

With a team full of creative problem solvers, simply think of us as an extension of your team – here to help create new products, solve problems, and create solutions tailored to you. 

Oh, and if you aren’t already – make sure to join the conversation happening over on social @artisaire and @artisairepro , so we can celebrate all the amazing wins to come for your business!  

What is my discount and where can I find my pricing?

All discounted pricing is automatically built into your account and will be accessible as soon as you sign in! 

How does my account work?

Now that you’ve set up your account – you’re ready to get started! Included in your membership, you will have access to our full collection of products including:  

You will also gain access to discounted pricing (as mentioned), our education center, and our dedicated PRO Team! 

Each of these things are designed to help you transition wax seals into your business in the most effective and efficient way. As we are now part of your team, please keep us in the loop with your progress and reach out to us with any questions that come up as you are getting started!  

Where can I learn more about the products?

We have created a PRO Product Guide so that you can educate your clients and create your perfect offering. The guide breaks down everything from adhesive types, our sealing wax, everything to know about our wax seals, and more! 

Check out the full PRO Product Guide, by clicking here! 

What if designs and colors change or expire?

We update our color palette annually. Once a color is discontinued, it will be considered a “custom color” if you should need to order it. For this reason, we recommend using custom colors for any branding purposes.  

On this same note, our designs also change annually. We typically release 4 new collections a year, and expire select designs at the end of each year. This means it is very important that you stay up to date on color and design changes and adjust your offering accordingly! 

How should I price my wax seals?

Here are a couple of things to consider: 

  • How you sell your seals (included in the price of your invitations vs. an add-on service) 
  • What type of design you are using (custom or stock) 
  • The positioning of your brand and pricing of your other offerings 

We always recommend a 2-3X markup for our seals – but again, that depends on your niche. If you already have a pricing model that works for other streams of your business – we would suggest using the same principles here.  

For more information on pricing wax seals, click here. 

How do I sell wax seals?

Time to start selling wax seals! YAY! We have created an entire guide dedicated to listing and selling our products, because there is a lot to know! Don’t worry – thArtisaire PRO Selling Guide covers: how to list designs on your website, best practices for selling, how to price your wax seals, increasing value, and more! Head to the PRO Selling Guide. to get started!

How do I create artwork for custom products?

We love working with you to create custom products! We have a FULL guide on tips, tricks, recommendations, requirements, and more for creating custom artwork for wax seals and wax stamps!  

Visit the PRO Custom Artwork Guide

What if I have a rush order?

All timelines are provided at checkout. If you are in a rush, stock/non-custom items are a better choice and will ship faster.  

Make sure you choose “Express” at checkout, as that is our shortest timeline and will ensure that your order stays a priority in our production queue! 


Questions? We’re here to answer and help in any way that we can! You can send our PRO Team an email at 

Happy creating… 


The Artisaire PRO Team 

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