Artisaire colors for 2022

Artisaire colors for 2022

Hi PRO partners,

We have been busy reflecting on how in 2022, we will help you achieve your color goals. Our priority is always to provide a relevant and beautiful palette to keep your product offering current. This year we are changing how and when we launch new colors.

We realize that while innovation keeps things current, it also comes at a cost to our PRO partners. Revamping our palette causes some PRO partner's guides to only be usable for a few months and can quickly make expensive marketing assets outdated.

For 2022 we will have a new way of launching and maintaining colors to protect your investments.

How New Colors Will Launch

We will develop colors in 2 separate ways. A color will either be updated or created. Color updates will be adjusting a hue for marketplace preferences, whereas color creation will be a new color based on trends we are predicting.

Color Updates

Color updates will happen on a per-page basis, allowing you to order the new page and replace the old one in your guide without purchasing a new Color Guide. We will use color updates sparingly and will only be a solution if a color has significantly fallen out of favor.

Color Creation

Color creation will happen from our Swatch of the Year format. The 2021 Color Guide Swatch Of The Year was our matte swatch (Rosewood, Providence Blue, Cobblestone, and Meadow). The Swatch Of The Year colors are limited launches that will only span their launch year. You will be able to add Swatch of the Year colors to any current Color Guide.

Stay tuned for the 2022 Swatch of the Year!

When Should Color Guides Be Replaced

As colors change over time due to batch variants and marketplace supply, we recommend keeping your Color Guide updated.

Previously our color launch was the time to update your Color Guide. However, that caused new PRO partners sometimes to only have a guide for a few months before needing replacement.

With how we are launching and updating colors now, it is safe to buy the guide at any time of the year, and we recommend replacing it 12 months from when you receive the Color Guide.

Previously, if you bought the guide in November 2021, you would need a new guide for January 2022. Under our new Color Launches, you would not have to replace your guide until November 2022 to maintain color accuracy.

Our Color Guides will have the year they were made on the front, and 2022 Color Guides will have a back page to write the month you received the guide, so you know how current your colors are.

What Colors To Use For Content And Listings

In previous years we've had an extensive palette. They were sometimes spanning over 84 colors. However, our palettes had a large selection, with few choices. We experienced almost half of the palette only being ordered a couple of times a year.

Our current version of the palette has a much more even color preference. Because of this, the 36 colors we offer (outside Swatch Of The Year Colors) are our base colors and will be consistently sold year to year.

Updates to these base colors will be rare, making them suitable to use for content such as eCommerce listings, selling displays, blog posts, and more.

As always, what colors you are offering from the palette is your decision. Whether you want to offer the Swatch of the Year colors or even offer the full 36 base color palette will be a decision for you and your business.