Changes to PRO for 2022 Season

Changes to PRO for 2022 Season

Hi PRO partners,

With the 2022 season so close, we are making changes to how we connect with other businesses. To align ourselves with client feedback we've received this year, we are launching a new Wholesale Program and revamping our current PRO program.

Read further on to see what changes we are making and how these changes will affect your business in 2022.

New Wholesale Program

When we launched Artisaire PRO, we intended it to be for supplying studios to create their products. This year we've seen the rise of PRO partners directly selling our products to their customers. As this wasn't the program's intended goal, we have decided to launch a proper wholesale program alongside our PRO program.

Our Wholesale program is here to supply physical & online businesses with our branded products to resell directly to their customers. Wholesalers will have access to all our retail-ready products at a wholesale price. As we advance in the 2022 season, only verified Resellers may directly sell Artisaire products.

As our items are craft/art supplies, businesses or individuals do not require additional licensing or approval to use our products to embellish or finish other products.

For example, only approved Resellers may have a product listing for Woodland Wax Seals (Artisaire x Two Peas Paper Co). However, a business that sells place cards may use Woodland Wax Seals to embellish their place cards and sell them without being an approved Reseller.

If you wish to stock and sell our products, please reach out to our wholesale team.

Revamped PRO program

Artisaire PRO will be focused on supplying custom products to designers at exclusive prices as we now have an official Wholesale program.

Here are the changes coming to PRO

  • PRO orders will be placed on
  • PRO accounts will have access and pricing for all our custom products and our full sealing wax palette and making accessories.
  • Artisaire branded products will not be available for purchase on, and PRO pricing will not extend to these products.
  • PRO partners may still place orders on and use Artisaire retail products for their creations.
  • All PRO orders will be delivered unbranded without any receipts or pricing, which allows you to create value through your designs and services.

We are making these changes to align our role in your business from client feedback.

Many stationery studios reach out to us to help them fulfill one-off designs and projects for their customers and often require the product unbranded so that they can incorporate wax seals into their offering.

As PRO progresses this year, we are currently working on a volume ordering process for PRO clients. Our volume services will let PRO clients design products and have them made in higher quantities at lower prices. You will then be able to package and sell these products under your brand.

To see your 2022 PRO prices, please log in to your account. We have updated prices to better reflect this change in the offering. Please note that we are no longer able to offer shipping incentives for our PRO orders. However, we are charging a flat rate to provide predictability for your business.

Wholesale Vs. PRO, what is right for you?

We understand that every business has its complexity in how it sells and offers products. That is why our Wholesale and PRO programs are not exclusive from each other.

Brands that fit in both categories may be a Wholesale client as well as a PRO client.

Businesses that offer a wide range of stationery products and sell Artisaire branded products will find a good fit with our Wholesale Program.

If your business creates one-off designs for clients or designs and assembles invitation suites with wax seals, Artisaire PRO will be a good fit for your brand.

If your business is a stationery retailer that also offers bespoke services, you may stock Artisaire products with our Wholesale Program and fulfill custom wax seals through our PRO program. Both programs will require individual approval for account status.

When are these changes happening?

Our Wholesale Program and revamped PRO program are currently available to join. If you are an existing PRO partner, you've already been granted access to the new PRO portal. If you are having difficulties logging in, please reset your password or contact us.

PRO partners will be able to place orders on under 2021 pricing & product access until December 17, 2021. Any orders placed on will arrive with Artisaire branding.

After this time, any pricing shown on will no longer be available. Please take this time to update any product offerings.

We appreciate your patience through these changes and hope this will help set up your 2022 season! As always, if you have any questions, you can contact us at, and we are happy to help.


The Artisaire PRO team