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behind the scenes at Artisaire

We Are Artisaire.

Artisaire was born out of a passion for heartfelt moments. We are a team of dreamers who believe in always achieving with grace.

For over 30 years we’ve been making beautiful wax seal products, and we work to provide professional quality products to the creatives designing moments.

In Everything, design.

We believe design runs the world. The moment you wake up, you are placed in a world where intentional choices create your reality.

That is why we aim to create moments through luxurious wax seals. For those celebrating something close to heart, it is an extra detail that creates a romantic fondness.

We believe in service

We believe experience is part of the product, and aim to support and guide you to create an amazing experience.

We Love, love color

We are absolute color fanatics! Nothing gets our team more excited than creating a new palette.

We aim to create the best

We inspect our products more than 3 times before it is sent, and nothing leaves that we wouldn’t be happy receiving.

We work to educate

We know the world of wax seals is fairly unknown. So we work hard to education on design and techniques to create beautifully.

Your vision. Our Mission.

We believe,

Create a stunning experience for your clients. Each seal starts with original artwork, which is then engraved on a stamp, we then stamp your seals and finish with an adhesive backing. The result is a labor that elevates your design.

Explore Artisaire Pro, our program designed for creatives to sell wax seals by providing them the products, pricing, and education require to be successful.

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Meet our team of creatives

Thank you to over 30 artisans creating our products with passion

Darsh Thomsen

CEO, Owner

Michael Thomsen

Chief of Operations

Jennifer Paquet

Director, Sales and Operations

Devon Thomsen

Director, Marketing

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